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The 2023 Vegan SoulFest Kickoff Bike Ride in Baltimore


The vibrant city of Baltimore was set ablaze with excitement as the annual Vegan SoulFest kicked off its 2023 edition with a memorable group bike ride led by President and Co-Founder of Black People Ride Bikes, Inc. Dr. Nia Reed-Jones. Cyclists from all walks of life came together to celebrate compassion, health, and sustainability while pedaling through the heart of the city.

The Gathering:

Under the clear skies of a late summer morning, a diverse group of biking enthusiasts and festival-goers gathered at a central location. Decked out in colorful jerseys, helmets, and an air of anticipation, the participants were ready to embark on a journey that would set the tone for the festival to come.

Exploring the City's Beauty:

The route took participants through some of Baltimore's most iconic landmarks and picturesque neighborhoods. Pedaling side by side, they marveled at the stunning waterfront views, historic architecture, and the vibrant street art that Baltimore is known for. This communal exploration fostered a sense of togetherness among the riders, strengthening the festival's mission to create a more inclusive and compassionate world.

Arrival at the Festival Grounds:

As the group bike ride reached its final stretch, participants were greeted by the bustling atmosphere of the Vegan SoulFest Festival grounds. Music filled the air, and the aroma of diverse culinary delights wafted through the space. The collective sense of accomplishment among the riders has everyone floating high, knowing they had not only enjoyed a memorable ride but had also contributed to a larger movement.


The 2023 Vegan SoulFest kickoff bike ride was more than just a physical journey—it was a symbol of unity, compassion, and the power of collective action. As the festival unfolded over the next few days, the camaraderie and shared values cultivated during the ride would continue to resonate, reminding everyone that making conscious choices for the planet, animals, and themselves can be both joyful and impactful.

Photo Credits 📸 Michael J. Aviles

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